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Watching Doctor Who

And now finally home. Still hoping this is done before the snow falls.

Transitioning between 1945 and 1743

Out from my thing, but today I still couldn’t have my car because of recall bullshit. I had tried to drive lately but my foot is still a little dull. Oh well stuck by the waiting rooms until I can get picked up

Community playing in a waiting room. Holy hell that’s a change

there really is some difficult conflict going on between Clara and Danny. Both are kind of manipulating there own thoughts on the situation, but Danny is especially big here because of his hard focus on truth in their budding relationship. Either we are heading towards a story point of soldiers around the doctor again or the deeper theme of trust and the lies these characters are comfortable telling so they can control their lives.
Also the next episode sounds like it could give us another big push of not being sure how to feel. I’m really liking having character motivation questions rather than “oh there is this big mystery we really need to unfold”
Even though they are trying to give us a mystery, right now we need to focus on characters.

have the kindle again soooooo gonna try and have a good day even though I’m making myself nervous about job hunting and things.

because ... i see wonders
the satanic nebula, or the lagoon of lost stars.
                   or…we could go to brighton!

                                [ i’ve got a whole day worked out ]